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Jewelry Repair

Clean and Check All Jewelry
Always clean and check all jewelry for no charge.

Solder Breaks
We use high grade solder to join metals together, then clean it down to where the solder is invisible.

Sizing up – We cut the ring and open it up to proper size, match the metal, use an oversize piece of metal and solder it in with high grade solder. Carve the oversized piece down to the dimensions the ring was originally. Clean it up to where the work done is invisible.
Sizing down – We cut out a piece of the shank to make the ring the proper size. Solder the metals back together and clean up.

Rebuilding Worn Prongs
Process called re-tipping. Mix gold and solder to match the metal, apply it to worn prong to build it up to slightly larger than what is needed. Clean down to proper size and polish. This procedure can be done while stones are in as long as they can take heat.
The other step would be to replace the entire prong. Prong is cut down to the base where the stone sits, then solder on either square or round wire to make an entire new prong. A new seat will be cut for the stone to sit and reset. Cleaned up and polished.

Stones That Take Heat
Rubies, Sapphires, and Diamonds.
All other stones must be removed and reset.

Setting Stone
A seat must be cut for the stone to sit on. Substantial prongs will be carefully laid down over the stone.

We can restring costume necklaces and bracelets, as well as pearls.


Machine Engraving -- Can be done on a wide variety of metals. Letters can be done in different sizes and styles. Can be done on jewelry, watches, key chains, knives, etc.
Hand Engraving --Gene (the jeweler) does all of the hand engraving himself. It can be done on a wide variety of metal products such as guns, jewelry, knives, etc.

Certified Written Appraisals

A written document stating the approximate value it would take to replace a piece of jewelry. It includes a brief description of the piece of jewelry including the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of a diamond or the millimeter dimensions of a gemstone.

Ring Removal

This procedure is done using a ring cutter. We can safely remove your ring without harming your finger.

Watch Repair

In house we replace batteries, gaskets, pins, remove watch links, and clean bands. We can also remove moisture from watch crystals. For watch repair we have an excellent watch repair man that we have been doing business with for over 30 years. He stands behind his work with a one year guarantee. NOT DONE ON PREMISE. All watches are insured and hand delivered the entire time we are in possession of it.

Wish List

We invite you to come in at any time to fill out one of our "Wish List Cards" with any of the items you desire from our store. We will keep the card on file to aid your loved ones when they come in to buy you that special gift.

Additional Services

Estate and Consignment Jewelry
Offer customers to put their jewelry on consignment. We suggest pricing it a half of retail. We also do evaluations of Estate Jewelry.

Special Ordering
If we do not have what you are looking for in stock we can special order the jewelry. Most items usually arrive with in the week.

Inventory Sales
Items that we physically have in stock. We have a variety ranging from sterling silver to gold.

Refurbish Antique Jewelry
We can restore old antique jewelry back to its original condition.

Are You Selling Gold, Platinum or Silver?

Selling gold has never been easier. Gold has been going through the roof recently and now has never been a better time to sell your gold, silver or platinum.
We Pay Cash for gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, charms, chains and pretty much anything that has gold in it.
We also buy Platinum and Silver. Wilson's Jewelers pays top dollar for your unwanted gold.
There is one reason people sell gold to us, because we pay the most cash for gold when people are looking to sell gold. We will beat any reasonable written offer from any dealer anywhere.
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