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Opals are the traditional Birthstone for October. Opals were once only reserved for royalty because they were thought to hold magical powers. They contain all the colors of the rainbow and display intriguing and mysterious shifting hues. Queen Victoria once bestowed Opals as wedding gifts, only her favorite Gem would be worthy of such a celebration. Now Opals are customary gifts for 12th, 14th, and 18th wedding anniversaries. Opals are rated fair for everyday wear so some may savor wearing them on the most special of occasions!Many who enjoy the everyday wear of October birthstones opt for Pink or Green Tourmaline. The semi-precious stone is often used in Mother’s Rings. Green Tourmaline is usually picked for males and Pink Tourmaline for females. Pink Tourmaline is also a good pick for October because the pink stone can also represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month.